(i almost got rid of all the sexy shit on girlshare.ro)
add this to your adblock list. far from perfect but it does the job. (couldn't get rid of the redirects, sorry.)


changelog v1.1 (may 2nd, 2018) - images on simpatie.ro work again (and they get blocked on girlshare as intended) v1.0 (may 2nd, 2018) - initial release (took like 3 minutes to make haha) screenshots! (some info has been blocked out for anonymity/example purposes) before main | download | interstitial after main | download | interstitial issues images on simpatie.ro don't work. (but if it doesn't bother me, it most likely won't bother you, either.) ^ fixed in v1.1 ^ redirects still take effect. (stuff like sex shop and idk.) site design "borrowed" from yalu.qwertyoruiop.com by YoshiFan, 2018