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Welcome to my Discord server! Or... at least its landing page. I created this server as a place for my fans and subscribers (and not only!) to chat with each other or with me.

There's already a few special text channels you could make friends in!

  • Angry Birds/Club Penguin - to discuss everything about the series and meet fans
  • Memes - to make and share amazing memes
  • Romanian - pentru că vorbim și română
  • Tech - to discuss all the latest technology and gadgets and also give and get tips and help related to your products
  • and more...


There's not a lot unusual when it comes to rules. It's just common sense, such as not spamming or not being rude to others.
If you want more info about the rules, join the server and check the #rules channel. (Those can change from time to time, so stay tuned for updates over there.)

There's also several bots on the server with lots of features, ready to make your experience on the server more enjoyable or just better in general.

  • Supreme bots are created by members of the server...
  • ...and right now there's only two of them...
  • ...Herböt, made by me...
  • ...with several fun commands, a few based on Herbert himself...
  • ...and we also have Carl, made by Alex...
  • ...which has a few random commands, bot machine broke, though.
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